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Complete dental care for you and your family

Proper and complete dental care does not mean only brushing and flossing daily. It’s way more than that. It even requires regular dental check-ups with your experienced dentist who provides a wide range of top-class dental treatment options and services. It will keep your beautiful smile looking sparkling and healthy for a lifetime.

Smiles of Memorial is home to Dr. Viet “Vince” Tran. He offers preventative dentistry services, family dentistry treatments, cosmetic procedures, and dental implants to patients from Energy Corridor, TX.

Routine Dental Care

Routine dental care is very crucial for your overall health too. Going to your dentist after every six months is the most beneficial way to help keep your oral health always in check.

When you go for these visits, your dentist will eliminate the built-up plaque and tartar from your teeth to stop decay and other oral complications. He will even carefully clean and polish your natural teeth giving you a healthy, fresh, and confident smile.

The primary objective of these visits is to identify dental concerns in their early stages. Detecting dental issues early allows for less invasive, less costly, and less painful treatment options. If left untreated, these cases will worsen over time, causing more harm. The treatment methods will be more expensive and you may even face the risk of tooth loss in the future years.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Tran is a family dentist who treats your entire family, irrespective of their age. Rather than traveling to several dentists’ offices, he warmly invites every member of your family from Energy Corridor, TX to his dental practice. This becomes really easy for families with hectic schedules as we can treat each one in a single visit.

Our whole Houston dental team is skillful and properly trained to handle our cute little patients who may feel a little nervousness or fear during their first dental trips. Our kid’s dentist suggests that parents bring their toddlers in for their first ride on the dental chair when their baby teeth just start to appear or by their first birthday.

General Dentistry Services

Our mission is to provide our patients with excellent dental services and care, ensuring their oral health is always at its best. As a general dentist, Dr. Tran strives to prevent your diseases and help you maintain a healthy and confident smile that will stay with you forever.

He offers personalized dental health treatments, regular dental check-ups, and various general dentistry care to patients from Energy Corridor, TX. Your dental visits will involve an examination of your whole mouth, professional teeth cleaning, an oral cancer screening, and oral screening for gum disease as well as x-rays if required.

If necessary, a customized dental treatment plan will be recommended by Dr. Tran based on your specific requirements and budget.

What if I Suffer from Dental Anxiety?

Dr. Tran encourages patients who suffer from dental nervousness or fear of the dentist to schedule a consultation with him. Our dental office provides a calm, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere. Our experienced dental team will work with you one-on-one to understand the cause of your fear, help you overcome it, and create a relaxing experience. Dr. Tran offers sedation dentistry for tense and anxious patients. The sedation options he may advise for you include oral sedation, OraVerse, nitrous oxide/laughing gas.

We are currently inviting new patients to join our dental family at Smiles of Memorial. Our Energy Corridor, TX dental office is family-friendly, gentle, caring, and warmly welcomes new patients from various local communities including Houston and Energy Corridor, TX. To schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Energy Corridor, please call us or request one online.


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