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Restorative Dentistry


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At Smiles of Memorial, our mission is to help you achieve your dream smile. You can receive a healthy, gorgeous smile that you will be proud to flaunt! Restorative dental procedures include a variety of treatments starting from dental crowns to dental implants with the aim of restoring your dental health. Listed below are some descriptions of our most common restorative dentistry services.

Direct Restorations Houston

Direct Restorations

Dr. Viet Tran and the entire team of Smiles of Memorial in Energy Corridor provide direct restorations for patients who have a busy schedule. A direct restorative dentistry procedure is simply when an issue is diagnosed and then restored in a single appointment. Generally, this involves dental filling. If you consult Dr. Viet Tran for a regular oral check-up or with a toothache and if he finds a cavity, his dental team and he can most probably diagnose and fill it in that same day. No follow-up appointments are required. Just an ideal solution for your busy schedule!

Indirect Restorations

A big Yes! Even though several restorative dentistry procedures serve the purpose of restorative as well as cosmetic! So, technically, you can get them simultaneously. But, Dr. Viet Tran advises getting done with restorative dentistry methods at first since the chemicals and methods utilized in cosmetic treatments can put your already at-risk teeth at a greater risk. For example, if you are attacked by a cavity, we suggest filling the cavity before getting/using whitening items on the tooth as the chemical from the whitening stuff can result in unnecessary damage and pain to the tooth.

Indirect Restorations Houston
Restorative Dentistry Before Cosmetic Dentistry - Dentist Houston

Should I Do Restorative Dentistry Before Cosmetic Dentistry?

Yes! Although many restorative dentistry procedures are considered restorative and cosmetic. So, technically, you can complete them at the same time. However, Dr. Viet Tran recommends completing restorative dentistry procedures first because the chemicals and procedures used in cosmetic procedures can put your at-risk teeth at a higher risk. For example, if you have a cavity, we recommend filling the cavity before using whitening products on the tooth because the chemical from the whitening products can cause unnecessary pain and damage to the tooth.


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