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Oral Cancer Screenings


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Houston, TX

Oral Cancer - minimize your risk with oral cancer screenings in Houston, Texas!

We conduct routine visual inspections for oral cancer. Why? For the last 40 years, oral cancer has caused an American death every hour. But, early detection leads to a 90% cure rate. If Dr. Viet Tran or our hygienist sees anything that causes concern, they’ll guide you through the proper steps for further evaluation. This screening could save your life!

Oral Cancer Screenings in Houston
Our dentist office in Houston, Texas provides preventative care for the entire family. We emphasize patient education during your hygiene visit stressing the importance of home care, as it is crucial to good oral health. Early detection of conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer is one of the best ways to ensure the success of treatments. Preventative dental checkups can help with the detection of oral health problems long before the onset of symptoms.

Oral disease prevention and practicing good oral health is important to your overall health. We highly stress that you visit us regularly, brush twice a day, floss once a day, and replace your toothbrush regularly. This can help prevent periodontal disease. However, if you have red or swollen gums, have difficulty chewing, persistent bad breath, or loose teeth, you should come in for an exam. In order to identify periodontal disease, we perform a comprehensive examination including x-rays and periodontal charting. If we detect periodontal disease, we will discuss your treatment options as well as proper home care to help minimize bone loss and restore the health of your gums.

Dr. Viet Tran will perform an oral cancer screening at every visit. He will look over the inside and outside of your mouth, your cheeks, and tongue. Oral cancer screenings are easy, pain-free, and are done at no cost.


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