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Restorative Dentistry


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At Smiles of Memorial, our goal is to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. You can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that you are proud to show off! Restorative dentistry includes a number of procedures from dental crowns to dental implants with the goal of restoring your oral health. Below are a few descriptions of our most popular restorative dentistry procedures.
Direct Restorations Houston

Direct Restorations

Dr. Viet Tran and the Smiles of Memorial dental team offer direct restorations for busy patients. Simply, direct restorative dentistry is when a concern is diagnosed and restored in one appointment. Usually, this includes dental filling. If you visit Dr. Viet Tran for a regular check-up or with a toothache and he diagnosed a cavity, his team and him can likely diagnosis and fill it in the same day. No follow-up appointments. A perfect solution for your busy schedule.

Indirect Restorations

The second type of restorative dentistry is indirect restorations. Most of restorative dentistry procedures fall into this category. Any procedure that includes a consultation, diagnosis appointment before a restoration appointment is considered an indirect restoration. A dental crown, dental implant, dental veneer, inlay or onlay, or a dental bridge are a few types of indirect restorative dentistry. In the first appointment, Dr. Viet Tran and his team discuss your desire and concerns related to the procedure. Then, they will take an impression of the restoration area. Between the first and second appointment, Dr. Viet Tran will send the impression to a lab to be created into a crown, veneer, bridge, or whichever restoration you need. Then, in the second restorative dentistry appointment, Dr. Viet Tran will complete the procedure and place the restoration.

Indirect Restorations Houston
Restorative Dentistry Before Cosmetic Dentistry - Dentist Houston

Should I Do Restorative Dentistry Before Cosmetic Dentistry?

Yes! Although many restorative dentistry procedures are considered restorative and cosmetic. So, technically, you can complete them at the same time. However, Dr. Viet Tran recommends completing restorative dentistry procedures first because the chemicals and procedures used in cosmetic procedures can put your at-risk teeth at a higher risk. For example, if you have a cavity, we recommend filling the cavity before using whitening products on the tooth because the chemical from the whitening products can cause unnecessary pain and damage to the tooth.


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