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Pediatric dentistry is arguably one of the most important jobs for a preventative dentist. Learning how to care for their oral health to understanding oral health’s importance is vital to your child’s oral and overall health as an adult. As a children’s dentist and father himself, Dr. Viet Tran treats every child with compassion. He also takes into consideration their developmental age when discussing oral health and dentistry with them. Any child can practice and appreciate oral health!

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Is It Okay For My Child To Lose A Tooth From A Cavity?

Losing a tooth early to decay is not ideal; however, Dr. Viet Tran and his team can help you and your child to prevent future problems. For example, if you lose a tooth from a cavity before it is ready to fall out, the surrounding teeth can move and reduce the space where the permanent tooth can emerge. Not only will this cause crowding, it can also set your child behind developmentally with speech and eating. If you think your child has a cavity, call your local children’s dentist, Dr. Viet Tran, right away to make an appointment.

When Should My Child Go To The Dentist?

Losing a baby tooth prematurely due to cavities could lead to more than just crowding in your child’s mouth. It often affects their speech development and hampers their eating patterns largely. If you’re concerned about this possibility for your little one, schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists in Houston. At Smiles of Memorial, children can get the expert care they need to prevent tooth decay and other future problems. Secure your kid’s oral health by visiting Dr. Viet Tran’s office today!

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Sealants & Fluoride For Kids

It can be easy to underestimate the importance of fluoride and sealants for kids. However, this important procedure should not be overlooked. Sealants and fluoride should be applied once or twice a year at your child’s regular, bi-annual appointment. Glazed over the tooth, the sealant fills the grooves of the back molar teeth, which makes it more difficult for plaque to build up in these hard-to-reach areas. Fluoride is applied in the same manner. A varnish is painted over all of the teeth, not just the back molars. The difference between fluoride and a sealant is that fluoride strengthens enamel, your tooth’s natural defense against plaque, while sealants coat hard to reach grooves, making it harder for plaque to attach and reach the tooth.


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