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Dental Care in a Relaxing Environment

You shouldn’t dread going to the dentist. If you or a loved one suffers from dental anxiety, we can help. Dr. Viet “Vince” Tran strives for and succeeds at delivering completely painless anesthesia. Many of our patients often say they didn’t feel anything at all!

Oral Sedation Dentistry Houston

Oral Sedation

A few people break into jitters at the thought of undergoing dental treatment. Hence, at Smiles of Memorial in Energy Corridor, TX, we provide oral sedation that allows you to feel relaxed. We give a pill that needs to be taken an hour before your visit. Very soon you will reach a level of sedation that will enable you to answer the questions but mostly sleep through your whole session. This is perfect for people who suffer from dental fears or those who have got a busy schedule and wish to get all their treatment completed in a single visit.

Laughing Gas

Breathe in, breathe out, repeat and relax! Laughing gas, the more popular known name for nitrous oxide sedation, makes your dental procedure treatment more relaxing. When inhaled through an over-the-nose mask, nitrous oxide medication produces a state of relaxation, which enables local anesthetic to be given without pain. Now you don’t need to fear your dental treatments anymore!

Laughing Gas Sedation Houston
OraVerse Treatment in Houston TX


No More worries about “Fat Lips” or Numbness after the Treatment!
Have you ever felt that “fat-lip” feeling that happens from having your mouth numbed before the treatment begins? This sensation can actually remain for many hours, making it difficult to eat or even speak. Well, our dental team says, NO MORE to “fat lips”! Instead of that, we provide our patients OraVerse™. Once your treatment procedure is done, our dentist can use OraVerse to reverse the effects of the anesthetic. It lessens the period of time you’re numb in half and makes your mouth feeling back to just normal in no time.


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