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Dental Cleaning

Professional Dental Cleaning: Procedure, Cost & Benefits

A good oral care routine plays an important role in protecting your teeth from damage and decay. But is it enough?  Well, regular brushing and flossing are extremely important for your oral health. But they are not effective against stubborn plaque and tartar. This is why professional dental cleanings are a must. Your dental care professional can reach areas where your regular toothbrush cannot reach. 

What Happens In A Professional Dental Cleaning?

A professional dental cleaning service is very different from a teeth whitening service. Teeth whitening targets your tooth discoloration. Dental cleaning targets stubborn plaque and tartar accumulation in your oral cavity. This procedure has several steps. Dental cleaning usually starts with a thorough physical examination of your mouth and ends with a fluoride treatment.

How Much Is A Dental Cleaning?

Wondering how much is a dental cleaning? Well, dental cleaning cost usually depends on the condition of your oral cavity, your area of residence, and how much treatment you require. During your visits to the dental clinic, your mouth is considered in quadrants. Taking the factors mentioned into consideration, you might have to pay $100 or more for each quadrant. However, it is recommended to not worry about dental cleaning costs. Several dental insurance companies cover these cleaning procedures. Forget your worries about how much dental cleaning is and do not allow it to be a hindrance.

Why Are Professional Dental Cleanings Important?

Our dentists at Smiles Of Memorial have compiled a list to provide you with some clarity regarding the importance of professional dental cleaning procedures. Let us take a look at them.

Timely Diagnosis & Treatment

A cleaning procedure has several steps and phases. Initially, your Houston dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth physically. This step is followed by an X-Ray to ensure that nothing is missed out. These steps help to detect any abnormal outgrowths in your oral cavity. For instance, your dental care professional might find cysts or tumors that could be an early indication of oral cancer. Hence, these cleaning procedures help in the early diagnosis of oral health conditions that can save your life.

Acts As An Effective Preventive Measure

Plaque and tartar buildup can worsen the condition of your oral health. Occasional dental cleanings and dental check-ups can act as an effective preventive measure in such cases. Cleaning out your stubborn plaque can prevent the onset of bacterial infections and stop damage and decay.

Can Combat Periodontal disease

A thorough dental cleaning can reverse your gingivitis and prevent your periodontal disease from advancing. Poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of this disease. Hence, dental cleaning by your Houston dentist is important and should be incorporated into your oral care routine.

No More Halitosis

Stubborn plaque can lead to bad breath. Professional cleaning by your Houston Dentist can remove the plaque and give you a squeaky clean mouth in a jiffy. However, if your bad breath does not seem to go then you must consult a dental hygienist. It could be the sign of some underlying medical condition and might require immediate attention.

An Economical Alternative

Professional teeth cleaning can prove to be a viable economical alternative in the long run. Regular cleaning can act as a preventive measure and reduce your chances of suffering from teeth damage. Skipping your cleaning appointments might lead to dental complications where you might have to opt for expensive procedures and surgeries. Do not skip your cleaning appointments and you can save a few bucks!

Now that you know the importance of professional teeth cleaning, do not skip your cleaning appointments. Looking for the best dental cleaning service in Houston, TX? Book an appointment with us at Smiles Of Memorial and make the most of our dental care services today!