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How To Floss Your Teeth Properly?

We are all aware of how important brushing and flossing are for our oral health. However, not knowing the correct technique can do more harm than good. Don’t worry because our dentists at Smile of Memorial have got your back! Your favorite Houston dentist has given you a step-by-step guide to help you learn the art of flossing.

What is flossing?

Did you know that food can also get stuck between your teeth?  This is why flossing becomes important. Your toothbrush is not equipped to access those areas. Only dental floss can help to get rid of the debris. The process of removal of these remnants stuck between your teeth is known as flossing. Flossing regularly can reduce the chances of cavities and keep your pearly white smile intact!

Do You Floss Before Or After Brushing?

Trying to figure out the correct order of your oral care routine? Well, the order does not really matter according to the ADA. As long as you brush and floss your teeth regularly, you are good to go. However, many people tend to floss before brushing as it helps to loosen the food particles stuck in between the teeth.

How Often Should You Floss?

Several people are confused about how often you should floss. Well, flossing once every day is usually enough. However, some people are not satisfied with that. Consult your Houston Dentist to figure out the exact number of times you should floss in a day. If the problem persists then you can avail their wide range of services to fix the issue.

How To Floss?

Now that we have a brief overview of the definition and procedure of flossing, let us learn how to floss properly.

Pick The Correct Floss

Before performing the procedure you must choose the correct floss. You can opt for either a multifilament floss or a single filament floss. A multifilament cord is made of nylon. They break easily for people whose teeth are tightly packed. Monofilament cords, on the other hand, do not shed that easily and are ideal for tightly packed teeth. If you are facing issues with your regular dental floss, then you can try floss picks, water flossing, and other flossing appliances.  Consult your Houston dentist to choose a device that is ideal for you.

Get The Length Right

You must get the correct length for a better grip. It is best to use a strand that is between eighteen to twenty-four inches. This will help you to achieve a squeaky clean mouth. But you must not worry if you have broken off a shorter piece. Just break more whenever required.

Wind The Strand 

Wind the filament around the middle finger of one hand. Now you must wrap the rest around the middle finger of the opposite hand. You will be rolling up the used filament with this finger.

Rub the floss in between your Teeth

Hold the strands in a flexed manner and start rubbing them between your teeth. Remember to be extremely gentle throughout. Excessive pressure can damage the tissues and pave the way for tooth decay. Push the filament back and forth and avoid snapping it into the gum line.

Maintain The Correct Angle

It is very important to maintain the correct angle while flossing. As soon as the filament reaches the gum line, make a “C” shape. Gently push back and forth in between your gum and teeth. Repeat the process in the opposite direction as well.

Roll Up The Used Strand

Using your thumb, unroll a new portion of the dental floss. Roll up the used strand from one hand to the other before moving on to other areas of your mouth. Do not ignore the sides and the back of your teeth. This gives the best results and prevents bacterial infections.

Discard the used floss

Never reuse your old floss. Throw it away whenever you are done. An old and used strand harbors several harmful microbes and reusing them will cause bacterial infections. Just use a new dental filament whenever you are brushing the next day.

We hope this checklist has helped you to understand how to floss. Looking for the best dental care services in Houston, TX? Contact us today at Smiles Of Memorial and go for our top-notch dental care services.