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All About Tooth Whitening Choices

Do you want a brighter smile? You have only two choices when it comes to tooth whitening: at-home or in-office bleaching.

Both tooth-whitening options use peroxide-based bleaching agents. Systems at home contain 3% to 20% peroxide (carbamide and hydrogen peroxides). Systems in the office contain between 15% and 43% peroxide.

The longer you leave a stronger solution on your tooth, the whiter it will become. The whitening solution should be applied less frequently if it contains a higher percentage of peroxide. The gel should not be left on for too long as it can dry out the tooth and cause tooth sensitivity.

Each option has its pros and cons. However, before you attempt at-home tooth whitening treatment, make sure to consult your dentist. Some people may not see the same results. Bleaching won’t whiten porcelain crowns or composite tooth-colored bondings.

In-Office Tooth Whitening

Your dental surgeon can help you whiten your teeth faster. The bleaching solution used by dentists is typically stronger than those found in at-home kits. Heat, light, or a combination thereof, may be used to speed up and intensify the process.

The best results can be found in a few 30- to 60-minute visits to the dentist. Some techniques can be completed in one 2-hour appointment by some dentists. In-office teeth whitening costs vary, but they can be as low as $500 to $1,000.

There are many options for bleaching your teeth at home. 

The Most Popular Methods Include:

1. Tooth-whitening strips and gels

These peroxide-based bleaching products can be used once or twice daily for up to 14 days. These results can definitely last up to four months and cost anywhere from $10 to $55.

2. Tray-based Teeth Bleaching Systems 

A mouthguard-like tray with peroxide-based bleaching paste or gel is placed over the teeth and left on for up to four consecutive weeks. It can cost anywhere from $150 to $600.

3. Tooth-whitening Toothpaste

 All toothpaste helps remove stains from your teeth. However, whitening toothpaste also contains chemicals and polishing agents to remove stains. Tooth whitening kinds of toothpaste can be found for as little as one dollar and will brighten your teeth up to one shade. Although some toothpaste may contain peroxides, they don’t last long enough to provide a noticeable whitening effect.

4. Tooth Whitening Procedure

You can maintain your results, regardless of whether you have your teeth whitened at home or visit a dentist. Avoid acidic and tannin-rich food and drinks such as:

  • Coffee and black teas
  • Red and white wine
  • Sports drinks
  • Carbonated beverages (dark or light carbonated sodas)
  • Berries and other strong-colored foods
  • Sauces (soy, tomato, curries)

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening can be done in a few easy steps. Two types of tooth bleach are used in whitening products: carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These bleaches reduce stains to smaller pieces, making your teeth appear brighter.

Is whitening effective for all teeth?

It is possible to correct discoloration with whiteners, but not all. Yellow teeth may bleach easily, while brown teeth may not react as well. Teeth with gray tones might not bleach at all. Caps, veneers, and crowns, as well as fillings, will not be whitened. If your tooth color is due to medication, or an injury, it won’t work.

Teeth whitening: Why You Should Choose Us

Tooth bleaching can temporarily make your teeth sensitive or uncomfortable for those with sensitive teeth. Home kits can cause gum damage, even temporary bleaching if used incorrectly.

Teeth whitening is most effective for those with yellow teeth but less so for those with brown teeth. Tooth bleaching won’t work if your teeth are purple or gray.

Consult your dentist before you decide to use an over-the-counter tooth whitening product.

Teeth whitening is a great option if you want an esthetically appealing smile. Are you looking for the best Houston teeth whitening treatments? Contact Smiles Of Memorial today.