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Find Out The Risk Factors For Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer is a serious disease and it is important to identify it in the early stages. Understanding the risk factors could help in proper diagnosis and timely treatment. Our dentists at Smiles of Memorial have provided a list of the most common risk factors of oral cancer. This will help you in the early detection of the disease and lead to effective treatment.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer just as the name suggests is a disease of the oral cavity.  It usually shows up on the tongue, the rear of your mouth, or the gum tissue linings. Most of us tend to overlook the symptoms initially since they are painless.  However, as it progresses, there are multiple warning signs, such as mouth ulcers or abnormal outgrowths. If you discover any of these symptoms, you should schedule an oral cancer screening with your Houston dentist without wasting a single moment.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Oral Cancer?

Let’s look at the risk factors now that we have established what oral cancer is. It is important to highlight, however, that risk factors do not guarantee that you will suffer from the condition. It indicates that you are at risk of contracting the disease. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the risk factors mentioned below by your favorite dentist in Houston.


Cancer of the larynx and oropharynx can be caused by poor diet and obesity. Fruits and non-starchy vegetables can help people lose weight and keep their obesity under control. This will also decrease the chances of developing oral cancer.


Intake of tobacco, such as smoking and chewing tobacco products, can increase your risk of developing cancer. It is also possible to get cancer in different areas of the body along with oral cancer. You may detect white or red blotches, that you should not disregard. Check them out with your dentist in Houston to see whether they’re cancerous. Early detection is critical for effective treatment, so don’t overlook these indicators of oral cancer.


Heavy drinkers have a higher risk of developing oral cancer. When tobacco and alcohol are combined, you are more likely to suffer from several issues, including mouth cancer. Controlling your drinking and smoking will improve your life in the long run.

Lack Of Dental Checkups On A Regular Basis

There could be many factors that could raise your risk of developing cancer, and you may not even be aware of it at first. Only a trained Houston dentist can discover it while considering all of your dental health issues. Your dental care professional will look for strange lumps and abnormal overgrowths during your routine appointments. This will help in prompt diagnosis and safeguard you against further complications.

Your Age & Gender

According to studies, men are more prone to develop cancer than women. This is because men are more likely to smoke and drink. As a result, males have a higher risk of contracting this disease than females. People over the age of fifty are more prone to suffer from it if you want to consider the age factor.  However, if a young man is infected with HPV, he can also develop the condition.

We hope this information helps you to protect yourself from oral cancer. Book an appointment with us at Smiles Of Memorial if you are looking for oral cancer screening services in Houston, TX.