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Night Guard for Teeth

Nightguards: Definition & Advantages

Dental care is becoming increasingly popular around the world. People quickly realize the importance of maintaining good oral health as technology improves dental treatment. Many things can go wrong when it comes to teeth. People have more dental difficulties than only needing root canal therapy, braces, or aligners. People who wake up with discomfort and soreness in their jaws and teeth may find it difficult to sleep. Our dentists at Smiles Of Memorial have provided all the information on nightguards in this blog.

What Is A Nightguard?

Excessive grinding or clenching of the upper and lower teeth causes bruxism, a medical disease. The mouth muscles are therefore strained as a result of the clenching. Patients’ jaws become tense and painful as a result of this. A night guard by your dentist can help prevent lockjaw and alleviate its pain. A night guard is a dental appliance used to treat bruxism.

Oral Health Benefits Of A Nightguard

A night guard may appear to be an unappealing proposition for a first-time user. However, putting it on may have more benefits for your circumstance than you believe. Here are a few examples provided by your favorite dentist in Houston:

1. No Tension & Pain In The Jaw

Jaw strain can be caused by the contact between your upper and lower teeth. It could explain why you wake up with a sore jaw at night. Consider visiting your Houston dentist for a dental exam and cleaning if your jaws are often painful in the morning. A recommendation to wear a nightguard due to the visit can help minimize the stress and pain in the jaws.

2. Reduced Tooth Damage

Do you know how your teeth grind when you’re not looking? Teeth grinding can occur when your upper and lower teeth come into contact as you sleep. The majority of patients are completely unaware that they grind their teeth at sleep. Teeth grinding is a concern because it wears away at the enamel of the teeth. You will develop a lot of sensitivity in your teeth over time. If you grind your teeth too much, they may crack or chip. Furthermore, you do not want to live with the prospect of dental fillings being destroyed due to grinding. Your only option may be to use a nightguard.

3. Prevents Migraine

The tension in your jaws can make your life a lot more complicated. It’s not just the discomfort in your mouth’s bone structure and jawline. You’ll have muscle tiredness, neck pains, jaw aches, and even earaches if you don’t wear a nightguard. Excessive teeth grinding is the cause of this condition. It is not uncommon for such patients to get headaches over time. It’s natural to get headaches when areas of your face are tense or in discomfort.

4. Helps To Get Rid Of Snoring

People’s snoring might become rather loud. If this happens frequently enough for patients, they will develop sleep apnea, which is harmful to their sleep habits. A night guard enables airflow by creating a space between your upper and lower teeth. Your snoring will be much reduced as a result of this.

5. Healthy Sleep Patterns

The majority of people who require a night guard have difficulty sleeping. Sleep deprivation can significantly negatively impact the patient’s overall health. A night guard is recommended instead of staying up all night due to discomfort in your teeth and jaw. This way, you can get a good night’s sleep and have a pain-free morning. Furthermore, because sleep is supposed to enhance the body and mental calm, a nightguard encourages relaxation. This is accomplished by keeping the mouth muscles relaxed during the night.

6. Straightens Your Teeth

Even while a nightguard isn’t the best treatment for misaligned teeth, it can aid in their alignment. A nightguard should ideally be customized to your dental formula. With correct use, a nightguard can assist in gradually shifting your teeth.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about nightguards. Please book an appointment with us at Smiles Of Memorial for the best nightguard treatment in Houston, TX.