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Eat Candy And Have A Healthy Smile

Spring has sprung! This is the time of year children start to ask for spring goodies, like peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate. If your worried about how this will affect the health of their teeth, you’re not alone. However, at Smiles of Memorial, Dr. Viet Tran promotes a healthy way to eat candy without damaging the health of your teeth.

Rinse With Water

If your child is not at home when they are eating candy, teach them the importance of rinsing their mouth after eating sugar. When your child eats candy, the sugars turn into acids and bacteria that eat away the protective layer of their teeth called enamel. One way they can prevent sugars from eating their enamel is by drinking water after eating candy. This will rinse off the surface of their teeth removing some of the sugars.

Sugar-Free Candy

Although this may not be their go-to option, whenever possible, choose sugar-free candy. Like mentioned above, this will limit the number of sugar molecules eating away their enamel. Additionally, it is healthier for your child’s overall health.


Rinsing with water and choosing sugar-free candy are great options when your child is not at home. However, there is no replacement for brushing! Remember to encourage your child to brush twice a day for two minutes each time. The abrasive material in their toothpaste and the scrubbing of the toothbrush will remove sugars.


Even if your child brushes twice a day for two minutes each time, they could be missing important spots between their teeth. Teaching your children to floss at a young age will help them develop the habit of flossing for the rest of their life.

Eating candy, especially in the spring and summer, can be fun, but you don’t have to sacrifice your oral health to enjoy it. By following these few tips, your child can maintain good oral health, even when they’re eating candy. For more oral health tips or to plan your next visit to Smiles of Memorial in Memorial Texas, call our office today!