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How Does Aging Affect My Oral Health?

Numerous physiological changes occur through aging. Just as you feel aging in your bones and muscles, you may feel aging related to your oral health. However, do not worry. Aging is a natural process and with the right care, you can maintain good oral health as you age.

Normal Wear And Tear

Grinding, eating, and rubbing your teeth together causes normal wear when aging. At first, you may notice this as a chipped or cracked tooth. Luckily, the body compensates for this change by slowly moving to erupt more teeth as you age. Theoretically to maintain good oral health. There is no established standard to indicated how much ‘normal wear’ is, but the wear should coincide with your age. Meaning, the wear should be typical for those in your age group. If you grind or bite down hard, this could increase wear and decrease the size of your tooth. At this point, Dr. Viet Tran in Smiles of Memorial may need to treat an underlying problem.

Receding Gums

With time, your gums may recede away from your teeth causing your teeth to appear longer. There are a number of reasons that this may occur, including gum disease and poor oral health. As the tissue of your teeth, called the papillae, moves further from the tooth, your teeth may feel more sensitive or you may get more food and particles stuck in between your teeth. This could put your oral health in danger during aging. If you think your gums are receding, call Dr. Viet Tran at Smiles of Memorial in Houston, Texas to address your symptoms right away.

Decreased Saliva

A lower amount of saliva in your mouth is not necessarily caused by aging; however, it usually accompanies aging. As you age, you may take more medications which can inadvertently cause dry mouth. Additionally, many illnesses can also cause dry mouth. Not only is this uncomfortable, but dry mouth can also cause bad breath and poor oral health because the salvia is not actively rinsing your teeth.

Oral Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, the median age that people are diagnosed with oral cancer is 62 years old. In addition to a higher age, those who also drink and smoke increase their risk of developing oral cancer. Regular dental visits at Smiles of Memorial in Houston, Texas with Dr. Viet Tran can increase the chance of finding oral cancer early.

Aging and Oral Health

There are a number of different concerns you may have about your oral health related to your age. However, there is no need to worry. With a good oral health routine and regular visits to Smiles of Memorial in Houston, Texas with Dr. Viet Tran, you can improve your oral health. For more information or to plan your next visit, contact Smiles of Memorial at (281)-493-0061, today!