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Treating Periodontal or Gum Disease

If your gums become red, swollen, or start to bleed while brushing your teeth, you may have gum disease. Many patients assume these sensitive tooth symptoms are from decay; however, gum disease could be causing underlying oral health problems. If untreated, periodontal disease, also called gum disease, can cause an infection in your body and tooth loss. The best way to prevent these complications is through effective gum disease treatment.

Gum Disease Treatment

Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment Options

When diagnosed early, Dr. Viet Tran may suggest a gum disease treatment of an enhanced oral health routine and regular periodontal appointments. In this gum disease treatment, a Smiles of Memorial hygienist will scrape away tarter and plaque build-up on or around your gums and teeth. This build-up leads to the progression of gum disease by forming pockets between the tooth and the gums. This is also a reason why gums appear red, inflamed, and bleed in the early stages of gum disease.

Gum disease puts your oral health and overall health at risk for infection. To combat this, Dr. Viet Tran also offers a powdered based medication called Arestin. This gum disease treatment helps your body eliminate infections caused by gum disease. Without this gum disease treatment, an infection that spreads through the body can cause complications like stroke and heart disease.

Surgical Gum Disease Treatment Options

Another option that Dr. Viet Tran offers his patients is a surgical gum disease treatment. The Smiles of Memorial team typically recommends this gum disease treatment for patients with advanced gum disease. However, many patients that have been told they need periodontal surgery in the past, qualify for a non-surgical laser treatment. Contact the Smiles of Memorial team to find out which gum disease treatment is right for you.

The risks of gum disease are not on the radar of many patients. However, it is just as important to pay attention to the health of your gums as well as the health of your teeth. For more information about gum disease treatment options or to plan your next visit to Smiles of Memorial of Houston – Viet Tran DMD, call our office, today!