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Missing Teeth

What Happens Due To Missing Teeth?

Are you suffering from missing teeth? This is a very common condition and you could lose your teeth due to several reasons. However, missing teeth come with their own set of troubles. They can lower your self-confidence and also negatively impact your speech and diction. Thus it is essential to replace your missing teeth. Our dentists at Smiles of Memorial have provided you with a list of issues you could be suffering from due to teeth loss. If you face any of these then you must consult your Houston dentist without any delay.

What Dental Issues Can You Face Due To Missing Teeth?

You could suffer from tooth loss due to several reasons. It could be due to a lack of good oral hygiene or sustained injuries during an accident. Wondering what to do after suffering from missing teeth? Just get in touch with your dentist in Houston and figure out the dental issues you could be facing.

Difficulty In Eating

Our teeth assist us in properly chewing our food and ensuring proper digestion. Now when we lose our teeth, it affects our ability to chew properly due to which we can face nutritional deficiencies. Chewing becomes extremely difficult depending on the type of missing tooth. You might have to give up on your favorite food items to munch on. Additionally, chewing on hard food items could cause damage to the empty area. If you are facing such issues then you should get in touch with your Houston dentist immediately.

Decline In Confidence

Missing teeth can drastically alter your appearance. Most people tend to shy away from social gatherings and avoid smiling in public. Missing teeth cause your facial muscles to sag and makes you appear older than you normally are. This leads to low self-confidence and affects your relationships in your life.

Issues With Speech

Are you surprised to learn that losing a tooth can affect your ability to speak? Yes, our teeth play a huge role in our speech and diction. When you lose teeth, you may notice that certain words sound odd when you pronounce them. It may cause slurring and produce extra saliva which could lead to spitting during a conversation. This could create a dent in your self-confidence and lower your self-esteem.

Crooked Teeth

Teeth shifting can occur as a result of the gap left by tooth loss. The adjacent teeth may shift to space, beginning a cycle of teeth shifting. When one tooth begins to shift, the others follow suit. This results in a crowded mouth, which eventually results in a crooked smile. This can have a significant impact on your speech and eating habits. It also has an impact on your physical appearance and can alter your appearance. Overcrowding can also make it difficult to brush and floss regularly. This eventually leads to plaque buildup and harms your oral health. If you are having such problems, then you should visit your Houston dentist without any delay.

Decreased Bone Density

Your teeth help to protect and strengthen your jawbone. When you chew your food, you apply some pressure to it. This pressure helps in the maintenance of your bone density. Teeth loss causes atrophy, which ultimately reduces bone density. This could lead to other oral health complications. There are many treatment options for missing teeth and you can consult your dentist in Houston

We hope this blog helps to fix your issue of missing teeth. For the best missing teeth replacement options in Houston, TX, consult our dentists at Smiles of Memorial and enjoy the best dental care.