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Common Treatments For TMJ Therapy

TMJ discomfort can be an unwelcome guest. From constant jaw pain to a snapping and clicking jaw, TMJ discomfort can put a wrench in your lifestyle. At Smiles of Memorial, Dr. Viet Tran and his team are committed to maintaining and improving your TMJ discomfort through TMJ Therapy.

What Causes TMJ Discomfort? 

TMJ discomfort can appear in many different ways from neck pain, back pain, or chronic headaches. Usually, TMJ discomfort occurs because the Temporomandibular Joints are under stress from everyday activities such as, clenching and grinding your teeth. The more pressure you exert on this ligament and joint, the more discomfort and soreness you will feel. Often, patients do not even know they are putting strain on their TMJ because grinding and clenching usually happens at night while patients are sleeping. Using a treatment plan from Dr. Viet Tran and his team can ensure your TMJ and teeth do not become damaged.

Does TMJ Discomfort Put My Teeth At Risk?

Yes. This is a consequence of TMJ discomfort that many patients do not consider at first. When clench and grind teeth together it puts your TMJ and oral health at risk. Teeth have many ridges and grooves that are designed to help us chew easier. However, when the sharp ridges are rubbed together during grinding or pressed together during clenching, your teeth begin to wear away. The outside layer of the tooth is the most important and protects bacteria from entering your bloodstream. If the enamel is worn away from teeth grinding, you could be at an increased risk for infection and cavities. Eliminating grinding and clenching not only relieves TMJ discomfort it can also reduce the risk of developing cavities and infections.

TMJ Therapy – NightGuards

Since most grinding and clenching occurs while patients are sleeping, Dr. Viet Tran and his team in Memorial, Texas recommend night guards. Dr. Viet Tran will design a custom fit night guard to fit every ridge in every tooth. Then, he will ask you to wear it every night while sleeping. A night guard is made of a plastic material that fits between your teeth. This barrier not only makes it harder for you to grind and clench your teeth, it also protects the enamel on your teeth from wearing away. You can discover relieving results in just 3 to 6 months!

Don’t struggle with TMJ discomfort alone. It is time to get help from your general dentist in Houston. If you have TMJ discomfort in Memorial, Texas, call our office, Smiles of Memorial today, to learn more about our TMJ treatment options.