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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry - Cosmetic Dentist Houston

What is cosmetic dentistry?

If your smile has cosmetic problems, look no further than Smiles of Memorial. Houston, Texas dentist Dr. Viet Tran and his team of cosmetic dentistry experts will help you solve whatever is holding your smile back from looking great. Patients, who are unhappy with broken or stained teeth, or unsightly gaps in their smiles, may visit our Houston dentist office to improve their appearance.

Some examples of cosmetic dentistry include:

The materials used in today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures not only make teeth look more natural, but are also stronger and more effective because of developments in adhesive bonding. Porcelain has become the standard material in veneers and crowns, while resin and other bonding agents secure the dental work without compromising the health of the underlying teeth.

We at Smiles of Memorial enjoy learning about the new advances in dentistry and how we can provide our patients with their most beautiful smile. When you are looking for Cosmetic Dentist in Houston, Texas – we can help! Whether it is by white fillings, all porcelain crowns, or veneers – we are able to transform your smile and image with strong and reliable materials.

How cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile:

You have an amazing smile waiting for you! Whether you need new fillings, a full-mouth restoration, or whitening treatment to improve your daily preventive care, we can help you achieve optimum dental health. We emphasize the aesthetic aspect in ALL our work because we know that when your smile looks great, you feel great! It’s easy and affordable to receive a modern makeover that gives you the natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted.  Call today and ask us how to achieve your best smile. In case you have any queries related to cosmetic dentistry, feel free to get in touch with us.


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