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Can Oral Health Affect the Skin?

Poor oral health is not only linked to a myriad of oral problems such as gum disease and tooth decay, but it can also even affect the appearance and health of your skin. Brushing and flossing not only improves the look and health of your teeth, but it can also improve the health of your entire body. In this blog we will look at poor oral health can lead to skin conditions like acne and how you can prevent acne caused by poor oral health.

Common Causes of Acne

If you remember feeling guilty about eating sugary foods as a teenager because you were afraid you would develop acne, you are not alone. One cause of acne is the onset of puberty and excess sugar. Simply, sugar increases insulin and inflammation in your body. When this happens it can cause the skin to age faster and develop acne. For the best skin and overall health, you should consume sugar in moderation. Although it is important to know that sugar does not act alone on the skin. Other common causes of acne are changing hormones and the introduction of bad bacteria. These two factors affect oral health and acne the most. Understanding how these causes affect your skin can help you prevent further acne formed from poor oral health.

How Can Poor Oral Health Affect The Skin?

As you may have guessed, the mouth and the skin share many things. One of these things is a bad bacteria that can cause infections. If you have poor oral health, bacteria can gather around your gumline. The early stage of this is called gingivitis, which can be reversed by gum disease treatment at Smiles of Memorial with Viet Tran and his team. However, if continue to have poor oral health, the bacteria attack more of your gumline causing an infection or an abscess, a fluid-filled sack on the gum. This infection can make its way into the bloodstream and infect other parts of your body. If you notice acne developing while you have gum disease, you may have an infection that has spread into your skin.

How To Prevent Acne With Oral Health.

There are many factors such as, sugar, age, hormonal balance, and bacteria that contribute to the development of acne. However, with the right oral health routine, you can decrease the number of bad bacteria that transfer to your skin from your gums. Likewise, this can decrease the amount of acne that develops from gum disease. To practice a good oral health routine, brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. Next, floss your teeth at least once per day. Lastly, remember to visit Viet Tran and his team every six months for your bi-yearly oral exam and cleaning. This will help Viet Tran and his team keep your teeth healthy and spot problem areas early.

Oral Health is not the only reason for your acne, but if you have gum disease, it could be exacerbating your acne’s effect on your skin. To reduce oral health-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, follow a good oral health routine. For more information please contact us today!