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All About Oral Cancer

Dr. Viet Tran and his team at Smiles of Memorial in Houston, Texas want to ensure that you have good oral and overall health. One way they do this is by providing a complimentary oral cancer screening during regular exams. In this blog, we will discuss some risk factors for developing oral cancer, common signs and symptoms, and what you can do to prevent oral cancer.

Risk Factors for Developing Oral Cancer

One of the main risk factors is tobacco use. Not only are smokeless and smoke tobacco products bad for your overall health, but it can also badly damage your oral health and increase your chance of developing oral cancer. Other risk factors are excessive drinking, prolonged sun exposure, family history of oral cancer, and Human Papillomavirus (HPV). If you have one or more of these risk factors, talk with Dr. Viet Tran and his team at your next Smiles of Memorial visit to learn how to protect yourself from oral cancer.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

There are a number of symptoms that can relate to oral cancer. If your gums bleed, then this could be a sign of periodontal disease; however, if you experience unexplained bleeding or numbness in your mouth, it could be a sign of oral cancer. Other signs include multiple sores lasting for longer than 2 weeks on your throat or in your mouth, bumps or growths in your mouth or throat, dramatic weight loss, hoarse voice, and ear pain. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, call Dr. Viet Tran and his team at Smiles of Memorial in Houston, Texas to learn more.

How Can I Prevent Oral Cancer?

The best way to reduce your risk of developing oral cancer is to minimize the risk factors that you can change. For example, if you use smoke or smokeless tobacco, quit today. Another way you can reduce oral and other types of cancers is to limit sun exposure and use UV A/B sunblock when in the sun. Lastly, look out for common oral cancer signs. Consider giving yourself an oral cancer screening once a month at home. Additionally, during your biyearly appointments with Dr. Viet Tran and his team at Smiles of Memorial in Houston, Texas, you will receive an oral cancer screening.

Oral cancer is a serious disease that should be treated right away. Limiting sun exposure, avoiding tobacco products, getting regular screenings, and eating right are all ways you can reduce your risk. However, if you have any of the risk factors or signs and symptoms, call at Smiles of Memorial of Houston – Viet Tran DMD, Texas at (281) 426-0120 for more information.