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General & Family Dentistry

Dr. Dernick is your go to dentist for general and family dentistry in Houston, Texas.

We believe a healthy smile is an attractive smile. Proper dental care plays a vital role in overall health. General dentistry helps to prevent disease and promote high levels of oral health. Houston, Texas dentist, Dr. Dernick, believes that is always easier to prevent dental problems than to try to fix them later on. At Smiles of Memorial, our goal is to make your dental visit as enjoyable as possible while giving you the most advanced dental care available.

Dr. Dernick is committed to preventive oral health care. He educates all of his patients on preventive oral health care while continuing to prevent future problems. He will take as much time as necessary for you to feel comfortable with any procedure. He is one of the leading providers of dental care in the Houston area in terms of experience and continuing education.

We encourage you to visit our office at least once every six months for a routine dental exam and cleaning. We also recommend that you contact us if you notice any kind of dental pain or if you experience a dental emergency. Call us today to learn more about general and family dentistry and to schedule your next appointment. We are eager to care for your smile! Call us and Reserve Your Appointment Today! or fill out the Request an Appointment form.

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