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Do I Really Need a Dental Filling? (Part 2)

Last month, we wrote a blog post about fillings. More specifically, about do you really need to get a dental filling. If you missed it, go back and read part one. This week we will cover the hidden causes of tooth decay.

So, What Are The Hidden Causes of Tooth Decay?

Could you be putting your smile at risk of getting cavities without even knowing it? Even if you brush daily, floss often, and go to your regularly scheduled appointments, you could be a ticking time bomb. Here are a few risk factors that you may need to talk about at your next appointment!

Tooth Decay and Sports Drink or Diet Soda

Do you work out regularly and eat like a health nut? Be sure you are hydrating the right way. Sports drinks and diet sodas contain hidden sugars and sweeteners that coat your teeth every time you drink them. When consumed regularly, they can lead to extensive decay no matter how good your oral hygiene is.

Tooth Decay and Chewing Gum

“Sugar-free” gum isn’t necessarily good for your teeth. Unless it contains Xylitol, an ingredient that can help your teeth rel plaque, other sugar alternatives may pose a risk to your smile. Bubble gum is especially dangerous, and should only be given to children in very limited quantities.

Tooth Decay and Bottled Water

Did you know that most bottled waters don’t contain appropriate levels of fluoride? Tap water does. If you find that you’re only drinking water that comes in a  bottle off the shelf, it’s time to do a bit of detective work. You might be depriving your smile (and bones) of essential fluoride minerals that they need to start strong.

Tooth Decay and Xerostomia (aka Dry Mouth)

Whether it’s caused by allergies, cancer treatment, or prescription medication, dry mouth is a huge risk factor for developing cavities. Why? Because there isn’t saliva to naturally cleanse or wash your teeth throughout the day. Instead, acids or bacteria hang out over the surface of your enamel without being disturbed…allowing them to work against your teeth even longer.

Do any of these sources hit close to home? If so, schedule an exam with us here at Smiles of Memorial in Houston, TX and we will make sure you’re cavity-free!