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Help! I Have a Dental Emergency

Tooth pain or a dental emergency can make it hard to think through the discomfort. Once you have gotten a grip on the initial pain or bleeding, what do you do next? Well, we here at Smiles of Memorial are available to assist you with your dental emergency!

What to Do If Your Tooth Is Knocked Out?

Avulsed or “knocked out” teeth can sometimes be re-inserted on your own and then stabilized by your dentist. First, locate the tooth and only handle it by the crown. Do not touch the root. If any debris is present, rinse it gently with tap water before putting it back into the socket. Do not scrub it clean. Call us immediately. If you cannot reinsert it, follow the instructions below for a chipped tooth. Our experienced team will see you promptly.

What to Do if Your Tooth is Chipped?

Locate your broken tooth fragment and place it into a container of milk or contact solution. Bring it to your us, here at Smiles of Memorial, within the next one to two hours to have it bonded back into place.

What to Do With Broken Crowns, Fillings, or Other Dental Work?

Store your broken restoration in a ziplock bag so that you do not accidentally misplace it. Call us at (281) 493-0061 and if you are not in pain (or embarrassment, depending on the tooth) make an appointment with our experienced staff and you will be seen at your earliest convenience. If you are in pain, we offer emergency appointments.

What About the Emergency Room?

Most emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental-specific emergencies. If you have been involved in something such as a broken jaw, uncontrollable bleeding, or severe swelling that extends into the face, don’t call us. You should go directly to the closest emergency room.
You may not ever truly be prepared for a dental emergency, but we will be! We here at Smiles of Memorial block out parts of our day specifically for the unexpected emergency. Whether it’s a broken tooth or severe pain, call us or schedule your appointment right away for quick relief.