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Sedation Dentistry: A Brief Overview

The thought of visiting the dentist makes some people anxious and fearful. This is one of the many reasons cited for skipping dental appointments. However, this habit can do more harm than good and lead you to serious dental complications in the future. With the advancements in the world of dentistry, it has been possible to put patients at ease and provide them with a comfortable experience. Sedation dentistry has been a savior for many and helped patients get rid of their fears. It has become extremely popular and is used by dentists everywhere.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry is associated with the usage of sedatives for patients during dental procedures. This helps them to have a relaxed experience in the dentist’s chair. It could be used for simple as well as invasive procedures. The intensity of sedation ranges between mild, moderate, and deep. It usually depends on the procedure that is being performed and also on the amount of dental anxiety experienced by the client.

What Are The Types Of Sedation Dentistry?

Now that we have a clear understanding of dental sedation, let us take a look at the various types of sedatives offered by dentists. This will help us to make more informed choices regarding this particular dental service.

  • Oral Sedation- It is a pill that you must consume an hour before the procedure. This is a form of conscious sedation that will enable you to answer your dentist’s questions with ease. On the other hand, you will feel no pain. 
  • Laughing Gas- Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is administered through a mask placed over your nose. The intensity can be easily regulated by your dental care professional and the effects wear off as soon as the mask is removed.
  • Oraverse- It is an anesthesia reversal agent that helps to remove the effects of the sedative faster than usual. It helps to get rid of the numbness and you can go back to your daily activities in the blink of an eye.

Advantages Of Dental Sedation

There are several benefits associated with this field of dentistry, some of which have been listed below.

Say Goodbye To Dental Anxiety

Dental sedatives are a holy grail for nervous clients. Fear and paranoia stop several patients from receiving the care they need. Well, with dental sedation you can bid goodbye to your dental anxieties. Relax and have a peaceful experience in the dentist’s chair.

No More Gagging

Sometimes dental hygienists have to probe deep within the oral cavity. This usually results in a gag reflex and hinders the smooth flow of dental work. It can also cause a lot of damage to the client. Sedation can solve the problem of gag reflex and dentists can work with ease.

Painless Procedures

The desire for a pain-free dental experience gave birth to sedation dentistry. Some people are scared of dental tools and stay far away from dental clinics. The brain does not register any pain stimuli while on sedation. Hence, procedures are practically painless and hassle-free.

Faster Dental Procedures

Sedation dentistry comes in handy for dental hygienists as well. Putting the patient at ease results in fewer disruptions. Hence, the procedure can be performed faster and chances of any complications are greatly reduced. The patient won’t move around in the chair which also results in highly efficient dental work.

We hope this blog will help you conquer all your fears from this moment onwards. Do not let your anxiety stop you from attending to your dental concerns. If you are looking for the best quality dental care services in Houston, TX then book an appointment with us at Smiles Of Memorial today!

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