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15 Steps to Good Oral Health – 5 Part Series (Part One)

Are you Practicing Good Oral Health Care?

We often find that people tend to put their oral health on the backburner. You might say, “Well, I can floss tomorrow.” Or, “I brushed my teeth this morning; I should be fine.” The fact of the matter is, in order to have proper oral health care, you should practice these 15 steps to good oral health in this five-part series with Smiles of Memorial to help get you back on track!

1Invest in a Proper Toothbrush for Good Oral Health

This is a big one. Most people don’t know how often they should change their toothbrush.  According to the ADA, you should change your toothbrush every 3-3 months, depending on the bristles. Most dental professionals recommend using soft-bristled toothbrushes vs. hard-bristled. The soft-bristled toothbrush is softer on the gums, removes plaque easier, and can eliminate debris from your mouth. However, we here at Smiles Of Memorial recommend a powered toothbrush. Powered toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning your teeth. Plus, most powered toothbrushes come with an automatic timer, assuring proper cleaning time. And, today’s powered toothbrushes are smart and can tell you where you are missing places and even where you should target more.

2. Brush Twice a Day for Good Oral Health

Brushing twice a day is important for your oral health. In the evening is where most people miss brushing. They are either tired after a long day or just forget. The evening is the most important time to brush. Think about all the food and drinks you have consumed in one day. By not brushing at night, the bacteria in your mouth have more time to multiply and take over. This is how cavities can start to form. So remember, brush twice a day for 2 minutes at a time.

3. Brush using the Proper Technique for Good Oral Health

The proper way to hold your toothbrush is at a 45° angle. Angle your toothbrush and use small strokes going up and down and left and right. Be sure to not press too hard. You want to avoid making your gums bleed. Be sure to brush your teeth and gums. Brush the front and back of your teeth. Also, brush for 2 minutes.

Brushing is extremely important to your overall oral health. If it has been some time between your last dental visit, schedule an appointment today to see Dr. Viet Tran!