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15 Steps to Good Oral Health – 5 Part Series (Part Three)

We are back again this week to continue our journey of good oral health. In the third part of our five-part series on 15 Steps to Good Oral Health, we want to cover what effects food can have on your oral health. Remember, last week we went over the steps you can take to get you back on track such as brushing your tongue, floss every day, and ingest plenty of vitamin C. Here are the next 3 steps to try to incorporate this week for good oral health.

 7. Stay away from sugary snacks and drinks for good oral health

These types of foods are what cause cavities! Sugar converts to acid which in turn starts to erode the enamel on your teeth. Try to limit your sugar intake daily. Avoid soda, beer, candy, and cookies/cake.  If you do eat or drink something high in sugar, just remember to brush your teeth!

8. Eat foods that are good for your teeth for good oral health

There are a ton of food options that maintain good oral health and help create a happier, healthier smile! Foods like milk, yogurt, seafood, and cheese contain good amounts of Vitamin C. There are also crunchy foods like apples, celery, and carrots that contain a lot of water and also help “brush” your teeth while you eat. Foods like berries, raisins, nuts, and beans are high in antioxidants. Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha contain probiotics which are good for your gums.  There is a whole list of foods out there that will help your oral health.

9. Avoid chewing ice for good oral health

Chewing on ice is bad for your overall oral health and can become an addiction. If you are an avid ice chewer, now is the time to stop!  Chewing ice can crack or even chip your teeth. On top of that, ice damages the enamel on your teeth making you more prone to cavities or decay. If you have any fillings or dental crowns, you run the risk of damaging those as well.  In some cases, people have even started getting teeth sensitivity to hot or cold foods/drinks.

Certain foods can create plaque around your teeth and gum lines. It may be time for a new checkup. Schedule an appointment with Smiles of Memorial of Houston – Viet Tran DMD and get a cleaning with one of the hygienists today!