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15 Steps to Good Oral Health – 5 Part Series (Part Five)

We finally made it to the last part of our 5 part series. By now, you should be seeing a huge difference in your oral health. We have covered brushing, flossing, avoiding certain foods & tobacco products, and even mouth wash. Here are the last 3 steps in our 15 steps to good oral health.

 13. Drink more water for good oral health

Water is a good way to wash away any sugars or acids from your teeth and mouth.  Plus, water doesn’t stain or lead to cavities! Most water contains Fluoride which is nature’s cavity fighter. Drinking water that contains fluoride helps protect your teeth from decay.  Water also prevents dry mouth. When your mouth is dry, more bacteria can build in your mouth. Water is a great way to keep your mouth hydrated. So, remember to drink lots of water.

14. Use fluoride for good oral health

We touched on it a few times in this article, but Fluoride helps protect your teeth!  Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound that can help prevent dental decay. That is why it is widely known as nature’s cavity fighter. Fluoride can protect teeth two ways, systemically and topically. Systemic fluorides are those ingested into the body.  Topical fluorides strengthen teeth already present in the mouth by being incorporated into the surface of teeth making them more decay-resistant. Water fluoridation is a very effective method for preventing dental decay for children, adolescents, and adults. Fluoride is safe for people of all ages!

15. Visit the dentist regularly for good oral health

Be sure to come to the dentist twice a year. Getting your exam and teeth cleaning is a good way to maintain good oral health and help prevent cavities and gum disease. Going to the dentist also can help find any problems or issues that are below the surface. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you should reserve your appointment today!

We hope you have enjoyed this series on 15 steps to good oral health. If you have any concerns about your mouth or want to ask about what you can do to improve your oral health, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dernick at Smiles of Memorial today!